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Do you think additional ferries are a solution to commuter congestion in New Jersey? As many employees eye return-to-work plans, Hudson, NJ’s most populated county right across the river from Manhattan, is considering adding more NJ ferry lines to its transit network which is typically heavily utilized with limited capacity.

McLaren is working with Hudson County on the NJ Ferry Service Expansion Study to determine whether bringing new passenger ferry service is feasible and to evaluate area demand. Data for potential ridership is being considered in addition to targeting the most needed/wanted service regions with existing links to in-place transit system connections.

Project Background. Located on two peninsulas, Hudson County is surrounded by water. This geographic feature may offer an opportunity to provide new transportation options through additional passenger ferry service. Expanded ferry service would increase resiliency during emergencies and other transit network failures. The Hudson County Ferry Service Expansion Study is being led by the Hudson County Division of Planning. They received a grant from the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) Subregional Studies Program. The study will assess the potential for expanding ferry service, including examining regional destinations the ferry system could serve, as well as connections to our existing transit systems.

Related Insights. The success of the award-winning NYC Ferry brings a lot of insight into what additional NJ Ferry routes can do for Hudson County. The full 2018/2019 NYC Ferry Expansion Feasibility Study can be viewed at hudcoferrystudy.com/documents.

Photo Contest. In order to bring the best options and quality-of-life to residents and commuters at the water’s edge, the project needs community input! Share your opinions and enter the photo contest with a snapshot of Hudson County’s iconic waterfront or existing ferry systems.

NJ Ferry Photo Contest for Hudson County
July 8, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST to September 10, 2020

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Posted on: Aug. 27, 2020