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Indeterminate Structures with Bill Gorlin

Jan. 22, 2021
2:00 pm EST
January 27th Register

Calling all Entertainment Riggers, Stagehands and Technical Professionals…Join Bill Gorlin, PE, SE, VP of Entertainment Engineering and Bill Sapsis of Sapsis Rigging Inc. for a Free Seminar demystifying the illusive principal of Indeterminate Structures on January 27th at 2pm.

Everyone involved in the technical aspects of the entertainment industry can play a key role in structural safety and stability by understanding the basics of structural behavior.

Many grids and their supporting rigging tend to be indeterminate structures, meaning the load system is supported by multiple hoists in a way where member stiffness across support points prevents accurate calculations for loads supported by hoists as hoists are bumped for leveling. However, indeterminate structures, if properly designed, have the capacity for redistributing loads when certain structural elements become overstressed – mitigating single point failure concerns. By shining a simple spotlight on the mechanics of indeterminate structures, we can avoid progressive collapse and failure. On the other hand, determinate structures make it easy to calculate loads supported by hoists, but they should be used wisely since they lack redundancy.

The entertainment industry will be back soon and busier than ever, learn the general physics behind determinate and indeterminate structures now to develop better solutions for future entertainment technical challenges. Find out more.