Hackley School Wins
K-12 Education Best Project Award

The Hackley School’s Walter C. Johnson Center for Health & Wellness, in Tarrytown, NY was named the New York Region’s Best K-12 Education Project by ENR. McLaren is proud to have provided civil engineering, permitting and construction survey services on the athletic facility and the campus center for all students. Congratulations to all involved!

The project’s design goal—which posed a significant challenge—was to incorporate the new building into the natural landscape while the existing landscape. In addition, the project was sited over a New York City aqueduct. McLaren’s survey team monitored the vibrations while 16,000-lb rock hammers carved only the rock needed to create a foundation for this state-of-the-art facility. McLaren’s civil engineers worked closely with the architect and landscape architect to integrate the grading, drainage and stormwater management into this complex site. “The project seamlessly incorporated the new building into the natural landscape”, as said by one judge that reviewed this project for the award. McLaren’s permitting effort allowed the project to move to construction. The project expands the education opportunities at Hackley School, where McLaren’s has assisted Hackley on multiple building and recreation projects.