Florida – Engineering St. Pete Pier

Shoring St. Pete Pier

St. Pete Pier™, the newest landmark in Florida, is set to open in the Spring of 2020. Perched on the waters of Tampa Bay, the entertainment pier will connect to the downtown business district in St. Petersburg, Florida, with interactive waterfront experiences along its 3,065-foot length.

This highly anticipated “pier for everyone” promises to be a destination location for both the Central Florida community and tourists. The .6 mile pier will feature exploration and activity areas, children’s play spaces, fishing spots, education centers and local vendors. At the end of this waterfront development, stands a massive 5-story pierhead building.

This pinnacle pierhead building was engineered to offer 5-levels of entertainment including event space, restaurants and a rooftop tiki bar. The complex construction of the fourth floor alone entailed an 8 ½ hour concrete pour that took 80 workers, 77 concrete trucks and 767 cubic yards of concrete to complete! The concrete floor slab of the fourth story is approximately 36 inches thick!

However, there is a fundamental challenge with concrete—it is extremely heavy.

McLaren’s Orlando office provided construction engineering services to help make the erection of the weighty pierhead building possible. The team engineered a temporary system of independent pile supported steel beams to support the shoring for the pier head building’s upper concrete slabs.

What is shoring?

Shoring is way to temporarily support a building as the heavy concrete is poured and cured into slab form. The shoring system developed by McLaren’s construction engineers enabled the concrete to be poured and cured evenly without loading the pier deck below.

Value Engineering

McLaren’s value engineering efforts included assessment of alternate materials, pile types, pile layouts, beam layouts and member sizes. This resulted in cost savings to the City of St. Petersburg of approximately $1.2M for the independent steel-framed shoring system.

Once open, St. Pete’s Pier is expected to become an iconic hub for activity; not only at the pierhead building but all along its span.

Posted on: Oct. 8, 2019