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Estella Diggs Park Opens

Sep. 21, 2017

McLaren is proud to have worked on the Estella Diggs Park, which the final phase was opened to public on August 29, 2017 with a ribbon cutting in the Bronx, NY. McLaren worked with Nancy Owens Studio to engineer a vacant space into a park that showcases its embodiment. Providing surveying and civil engineering services we worked on the perimeter retaining walls, grading and drainage, as well as provided an assessment with regard to layout, internal circulation and utilities. While the dramatic topographical features and natural rock outcroppings may have been seen as a liability to some, the project design team utilized these organic features as the main focus of the park.

To execute the survey, McLaren tied into existing vertical and horizontal controls and located improvements, structures, walks, curb cuts, utilities, and appurtenances. After field data was collected, McLaren performed boundary and vertical datum calculations, final mapping and drafting reviews, and final calculation review and approvals. McLaren also provided geotechnical services in the provision of soil borings and testing at the site. The change in topography allowed for varied views and experiences as well as the separation of incompatible activities such as passive recreation and family/teen recreation.

McLaren prepared schematic design and construction phase coordination including plans, details, specifications, cost estimates, attended city agencies meetings for planning and approval for the project, and prepared applications to NYCDEP for the water and sewer connections. Requirements for the NYCDEP Site Connection Approval were met for the stormwater discharge to the adjacent combined sewers and NYCDEP Cross-Connection Controls by providing a backflow prevention device for the onsite water supply. Glacial erratic boulders uncovered and salvaged during site excavation are showcased as landscape features.