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Coastal Models Expert Achieves ACOPNE Diplomate

Jun. 3, 2020
Coastal Models Expert Achieves ACOPNE Certification

Congratulations Senior Coastal Engineer, Long Xu, P.E., D.CE, CFM, on receiving Coastal Engineering’s highest achievement — Diplomate in Coastal Engineering from the Academy of Coastal, Ocean, Port & Navigation Engineers (ACOPNE)!

Long brings his expertise in the combination of coastal science and engineering, to analyzing the difficult issues that occur where land and water meet. With state-of-the-art coastal models, he evaluates the environmental forces and hydrodynamic impacts that are placed on coastal structures. The coastal models allow our clients to see the “what-if” scenarios and the effects climate change, storm surge, and waves have on waterfront structures, and how they can be designed to mitigate flood risks and potential storm damage.

ACOPNE proclaims Mr. Xu was board certified for his advanced expertise, advanced education, and attainment of specialized body of knowledge in coastal engineering.

Mr. Xu’s expertise include coastal processes, coastal structure design, mooring analysis, storm surge analysis, coastal flood hazard analysis, modeling of tide, wave, current, and sediment transport….His team is responsible for developing coastal basic and advanced analyses packages to meet various projects; provide technical design support for coastal and marine environments in NY, NJ, and surrounding areas; assist in bulkhead, revetment, breakwater, wave screen, riprap, pier, floating barge, and other waterfront design work. Long is leading the coastal analysis of NYC Parks Design Services for the reconstruction of Parks Waterfront Infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The project goal is to bring waterfront facilities up to a state of good repair in accordance with FEMA grants and other available funding.

“This is a great achievement in my career. It took a while before I meet all the requirements needed to achieve this certification,” said Long. “I am thankful McLaren has supported me along the way, and I am honored to join my mentor and the Vice President – Marine, Stephen Famularo, P.E., D.PE, in having an ACOPNE Board Certification.”