Waterborne Transportation Division

Ferry operations have expanded at a tremendous rate over the past two decades, both in the United States and abroad. Increased ferry activity in America can be attributed to its recognized value as a commuter option, as well as its use for commerce, recreation and tourism. One of the most noteworthy regions where this trend has manifested itself is in the Northeast, particularly the New York Metropolitan area.

As a premier marine engineering firm, McLaren established itself early and often as a leader in the planning, design, and oversight of construction Ferry Terminals throughout the region – to the extent now that the firm devotes an entire division to waterborne services. We have designed structures varying in scale from simple pier landings to anchored barges to sophisticated large platforms anchored by complex geotechnical solutions.

Our ferry terminal experts have produced facilities that can be constructed rapidly, that have applied quick problem solving solutions, and have provided full coordination among owners, contractors and agencies. The bottom line: we can design a ferry facility that meets any construction schedule and budget.

    Waterborne Transportation Services

  • Primary

    Ferry Terminal Design
    Ferry Landing Design
    Ramps & Lift System Design
    Fendering System Design
    Definition of Design Parameters
    Vehicle & Passenger Movement Analysis
    Throughput Analysis
    Intermodal Transport – Design and Planning
    ADA Compliance
    Harbor Management Planning
    Anchorage Systems
    Passenger Amenity Design
    Floating Structure Design
    Building Code Compliance Review

  • Specialized

    Application of Composite and Alternative Materials
    Public Outreach
    Site Investigations
    Pier Design – New & Repair
    Design of Bulkheads, Relieving Platforms, Quay Walls
    Upland Design
    Ro-Ro Design
    Cruise Ship Terminal Design