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Eclipse Watch

All our offices from Albany to Orlando took a moment to discover the eclipse in all its glory on Monday. There was a lesson on how to make your own viewing device out of cardboard boxes, a display to see the eclipse in a reflection, and fellow co-workers sharing their special glasses so others could experience this stellar event.

Remember the time we...made a bridge out of milk jugs?

Iconic Project 5.png

As part of our 40th Anniversary celebration, we’re revisiting 10 of our favorite projects and moments from the past 40 years. Here is number five!

2000: McLaren designed and volunteered in the construction of this truss bridge made entirely of high-strength recycled plastic lumber. It is comprised of approximately 68,000 recycled one-gallon milk jugs, and was designed to support trail maintenance vehicles weighing up to 15 tons.

To read more about what McLaren did on this project, click here.

McLaren Expands Leadership Team with New Director of Marine Engineering

Stephen Famularo.JPG

Leading engineering firm hires Stephen Famularo, Professional Engineer

West Nyack, NY – August 23, 2017 – McLaren Engineering Group, a full-service engineering firm, announced today that it is expanding its leadership team, hiring Stephen Famularo, P.E., as Director of Marine Engineering. Steve Famularo started this week at McLaren’s West Nyack headquarters, joining a staff of more than 200 employees in ten offices nationwide.

Orlando Office Team Building

Florida Escape Room.jpg

McLaren’s Orlando office recently did a corporate team building event at The Great Escape Room. The Great Escape Room is a live-action escape-the-room experience where teams are locked in a room full of hidden clues and puzzles and must use their wits and teamwork to escape in the one hour time limit!

AOL Fashion Show

AOL Fashion Show W.png

Steve Aoki closed down a block on East 4th Street in New York City on July 18th to promote the release of his new album and present his clothing line with the AOL Fashion Show. McLaren teamed up with FIRST Global Events Agency, Worldstage, BNW Rigging and Boyd Design to perform a structural engineering evaluation of two primary truss structures and staging structures for the event.