Our Philosophy

At McLaren, we believe it is the optimal mix of talent, experience, passion, and creativity that sets an engineering firm apart from its competition. The successes experienced by our Clients through their projects have proven that we can bring any thought, vision, or daydream to fruition. There are no limitations, no boundaries, to the engineering challenges McLaren can meet. That is why it is our Mission to be known for:

The High Quality of Our Work
As demonstrated by our list of Awards, McLaren has a long history of providing expert engineering services across our divisions.

Our Endeavors to Innovate
Often recognized for our work with ASTM/Advanced Materials, as well as our state-of-the-art pre-visualization techniques, McLaren is truly helping to push the engineering envelope.

The Support We Give to Our Clients
We have fostered lasting relationships with dozens of major entities because of the leadership and discipline that we bring to arriving at a project’s solution.

The Excellence of Our People
Our engineers are experts in a range of engineering disciplines. The collaboration of their skills is a driving force behind our capabilities.

As a full-service, multi-faceted firm, McLaren prides itself on consistently generating original and elegant technical solutions. In doing so, we achieve our fundamental goal: Delivering the ideal finished product.