Vintage - The Most Interactive Musical Revue

Gregory Charles Vintage - Le Qube Pier 97.jpg

McLaren provided structural engineering for a temporary structure for the world’s most interactive musical revue, Vintage Live, held at Pier 97 at Hudson River Park April 1st to May 2nd.

The Vintage Live interactive experience begins as soon as concert-goers purchase tickets when they are surveyed about their favorite songs, genres and artists. At the performance, audience members share requests and comments via their smartphones and tablets, which are beamed to a monitor on Gregory Charles’ piano. Video screens above the stage display a mix of real-time information that might include the current song's title or its year of release or maybe the audience member who requested it.

To bring Vintage Live to audiences worldwide, Gregory Charles conceived the creation of Le Qube, a custom-built, 800-person, mobile theater with cabaret-style seating, VIP lounge, and state-of-the-art light, sound, and video systems.

McLaren provided structural engineering review of a Losberger Palas (a striking glass and aluminum structure), floor deck, seating riser, mezzanines, stairs, stage, and ballast. McLaren reviewed the Losberger design and provided guidance regarding solutions to best suit the project. McLaren produced ballast layout drawings and notes that included a Severe Weather Action Plan, as well as an assessment and report of loading on the pier.