McLaren Helps Engineer the Infinity Machine

Cardiff Miller Art Inspection.JPG

The Infinity Machine, designed by artists George Bures Miller and Janet Cardiff, opened January 31st at the Byzantine Fresco Chapel on the Menil campus in Houston, Texas.

This unique exhibit features about 150 antique mirrors suspended by a rotating truss assembly engineered by McLaren. The trussing is 5 meters in diameter and the whole assembly weighs approximately 2,500 lbs. McLaren performed all of the engineering for the truss assembly that holds the mirrors and a custom U-joint interface with a rotor to relieve some fatigue load concerns.

When observing the exhibit visitors see other onlookers or part of the infinity machine itself, and hear solar winds recorded by NASA’s Voyager Space Probe. The visual and sound combination gives the observers a sense that they are part of space and time.