McLaren Helped Conceive The Han Show Theater and Show Infrastructure

Han Theatre.jpg

This unique theater, designed by the late Mark Fisher of Stufish Entertainment Architects, was inspired by the iconic Chinese Red Lantern and built to host The Han Show. Collectively, the unique elements of show create a sensory experience like no other.

McLaren worked in conjunction with Theatre Projects Consultants to develop schematic designs for major, unique show elements and theater infrastructure, including:

  • 2,000 Movable Seats: During the show, the audiences’ seats swing open and reveal a performance pool that holds the volume of 4 Olympic size swimming pools. The seats are comprised of two different types:
  • Swing Seats – Two 450 seats banks that pivot 70° in plan. These seat sections change position during the show revealing the performance pool housed below during the show, and creating two different viewing configurations.
  • Lifting Seats – 1,100 seat bank that lowers 6.33m (2-stories) vertically. The overall effect of the moving seats is to transition from a proscenium theater configuration to a thrust stage configuration, with the thrust portion of the stage being the performance pool.
  • High Resolution LED Screens: Each of three screens housed at the rear of the stage is approximately 7m tall x 11m wide (2-stories tall by 3.5-stories wide), mounted on a massive multi-axis robot arm used for complex choreographed moves during the show. The schematic design was for an articulating 6-axis robotic arm.
  • Water Lifts: There are 10 main wet lifts plus 2 on-board lifts in a performance pool that is 8.5m deep (almost 3-stories). 4 lifts comprising the “center” of the pool travel 7.5m and run from 1.5m above water level to 6m below water level. As a result, the pool can be used for high diving and watercraft, and then transition to a walking surface, with any number of variations.
  • Gridiron: The entire theater resides under a technical gridiron used for show rigging. This gridiron was developed in a 6m x 6m modular form that facilitated the creative development of the show and a wide variety of rigging options. The grid includes a complete bar grating walking surface, dedicated strong rigging points, grid well openings and corresponding overhead beams for rigging, winch frames, and moveable rigging beams.
  • McLaren also worked with other key contributors on this revolutionary project. For the Production Designer, Franco Dragone Entertainment Group, McLaren performed a review of as-installed theatrical rigging loads, evaluated these loads on moveable rigging beams, and performed a review of scenic element rigging. For Stage Technologies, McLaren produced a detailed schematic design of a large walkable structure hung from the gridiron and used to support acrobatic rigging equipment, performers, and technicians.

    McLaren’s other contributions include:

  • General consulting including roof space frame, cladding supports, and concrete structures, as well as assistance in the development of technical specifications for all theatrical infrastructure.
  • Engineering services as part of Theatre Projects Consultants theater consulting team during the creation of the theater and theatrical feature development phase, including loading criteria.
  • Participation in project meetings and visits to fabricators in China.
  • To get a full understanding of the Han Show’s astonishing features, click here to view the Han Show Trailer.