Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Tour

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McLaren provided structural and mechanical engineering services for every element manufactured by TAIT Towers on this show. The automated bridge was by far the most advanced element on the show, which benefited from McLaren’s insights from the beginning of the development process. For the automated bridge, McLaren engineers were involved from concept development through fabrication providing design assistance and engineering to aid the design process. Due to timeline constraints, the automated bridge was a design-build project, with design and engineering occurring concurrently with fabrication of major components. McLaren’s assistance helped keep the project on schedule by providing prompt engineering feedback as the bridge was designed and built over the course of only several weeks.

Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Tour stage consists of many major structural and mechanical elements fabricated by TAIT Towers, including eight (8) stage lifts, a massive back wall and ceiling system, B-Stage VIP seating section, and the centerpiece of the show, the automated bridge. The automated bridge is the front edge of the stage during most of the show, which spans almost 80 feet and is supported on four (4) electric linear actuators at two (2) “pontoons.” The electric linear actuators allow the entire structure to lift the bridge platform to approximately 15 feet from the venue floor during the show. The pontoons contain drive units that allow the entire bridge structure to depart from the main stage and traverse the arena through and over the audience to the B-Stage/VIP area. The bridge is laser guided and guides itself autonomously after being calibrated in each new venue.

McLaren’s ingenuity was instrumental in the design of the bridge, including determining operating and extreme/failure mode load cases, sizing of trusses and connections, structural supports for the actuators, developing load ratings, and providing guidance for performer and public safety.