David Blaine Electrified: One Million Volts Always On

McLaren Engineering Group (McLaren) helped David Blaine with his latest feat of magic and endurance.

Pier 54 in downtown New York City hosted “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On”. The event featured David standing for 72 hours in the center of 1 million volts of electrical energy via seven Tesla Coils set to music. McLaren performed an analysis on various features for the event, as well as for the historic pier itself; working in association with Vice Media, the Guild, and StageCo.

McLaren worked to:

  • Develop a High Wind Action Plan and advised the production regarding operational procedures.
  • Analyze a 33 foot 6 inch diameter by 41 foot tall custom truss structure.
  • Perform a peer review of the surrounding StageCo structure and engineered ballast configurations, to safely distribute the load of the 70 ton roof on the decaying 100 year old pier.
  • Review Steeldeck viewing platforms with LED monitors and analyzed the structural connections for Tesla Coils, pipe sphere, and entry signage.

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