Newest Trend in Sports Lighting at Barclays Center Arena

Barclays (2).jpg

McLaren works on Brooklyn’s brand new Barclays Center Arena, which features the newest trend in sports lighting. The Portable Court Lighting System (PCLS) aims to provide a more theatrical experience for the Brooklyn Nets. McLaren Engineering Group (McLaren) developed the rigging system, specialty mounting attachments, personnel access, and fall protection; working with Goldstick Lighting Design and Baxter Controls.

The new lighting system contains ETC Source 4 halogen fixtures, which focus the action on the court and provides optimal conditions for HD broadcast and high-speed photography. The lighting system is pre-hung in a combination of traditional truss and 400 feet of Tomcat’s Baxx-Truss.

In addition to the structural and operational factors, McLaren considered upcoming standards within the industry, ensuring the system complies with future needs and demands for overhead lifting and safe access. McLaren’s rigging specification for the PCLS conforms to the European BGV D8+ and BS 7906-1 Category A standards, making it one of the first such installations used in the U.S. Atlanta Rigging Systems furnished and installed all of the rigging components.