Fast Track Event Stage Engineering at Pier 92

Pier 92 Stage (2).JPG

Port Parties Inc. sponsored an All-Day Rooftop Beach Party at The Waterfront at Pier 92, which was the biggest Independence Day party in Manhattan. McLaren engineered and inspected the stage assembly, which included a StageRight staging system and a James Thomas Self-Climbing Roof System, that was braced by guy wires to water ballast.

The engineering was completed in a matter of days to satisfy a compressed schedule. McLaren produced an Operation Management Plan with a detailed High Wind Action Plan in compliance with ANSI E1.21 guidelines for temporary stage roofs. This document pre-defined the safe use of the assembly, leaving nothing to chance or last minute decisions.

McLaren is involved with engineering of many live events and touring sets, and is actively promoting the use of ANSI E1.21 and the recommendations of the Event Safety Alliance for all outdoor live events.