Rockland County votes McLaren #1 Engineering Supplier

McLaren Engineering Group has again been recognized as an industry leader, this time ranked as the top civil/structural engineering service supplier for Rockland County’s Department of General Services (RCDGS).

Known for its multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities, McLaren is well prepared to serve Rockland County and its various municipalities as a “one stop shopping source” for technical capability. The firm is well acquainted with various types of public works projects, particularly those requiring expertise in bridge, highway and building repair design. This expertise meshes well with President Barack Obama’s economic recovery effort, which will feed for billions of dollars to cities and towns for various infrastructure projects.

McLaren submitted its proposal to renew its pre-qualification with RCDGS in October. Of the twelve large engineering consulting firms who submitted, seven scored a 3.0 or above, with McLaren’s score of 3.8 leading the pack.

Joining McLaren in its pre-qualification was O’Dea, Lynch and Abbattista Consulting Engineers (OLA), who will provide MEP services on projects for which McLaren is selected. OLA was ranked first among small consulting firms and will sub other required services to McLaren.