McLaren lands Port Authority On-Call Contracts

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey recently awarded McLaren two On-Call contracts for the provision of structural engineering services in 2008.

The Contracts, one of which is exclusively for waterfront facilities, involve the inspection, condition assessment and prioritization of repairs for various Authority facilities. On the waterfront, structures include tunnels, piers, wharves, and bulkheads, while on land, they include various Authority buildings, retaining walls, toll booths, utility chambers, and other miscellaneous structures.

Key to the inspection of these structures is identifying structural and non-structural deficiencies that may present safety hazards. Indeed, upon assessment, McLaren is to prioritize deficiencies as "immediate," "priority," "safety," or "routine," to help the Authority plan its rehabilitation schedule. Those that are most urgent would be considered immediate, whereas those that are maintanence-level would be classified as routine. McLaren is also to develop repair recommendations for deficiencies found.

As an industry leader in the inspection and design of building and marine structures, McLaren is well suited to these type agreements. With in-house inspection crews - dive inspectors, above water inspectors, climbing inspectors - that also double as design engineers, McLaren is able to save time and money in preparing and developing plans.