Ferry Terminals at Battery Park City, Hoboken Snatch 2008 Awards

The Battery Park City Ferry Terminal, Manhattan, NY.

It's only been four months, but McLaren's state-of-the-art Battery Park City Ferry Terminal is already grabbing headlines.

New York Construction News (NYCN) recently voted the the $70 million Battery Park City Ferry Terminal - designed by McLaren - its Best Public Works Project for 2008. The Terminal is a permanent floating structure, and at more than ¾ of an acre and 1,200 tons, it’s the largest of its kind in the United States. It was installed at its permanent location at Battery Park in June.

NYCN also named Hoboken Ferry Terminal and Clock Tower Renovations as its Best Marine Project. McLaren was responsible for designing various access structures at the Terminal. This effort included design of a 30X90 barge, eight 12X50 Kentucky floats and the appropriate gangways and platform off the existing bulkhead. The structures are intended to provide storage for NY Waterway’s vessels.

Both awards are to be announced as part of the NYCN's annual "Best of" feature, due out in the magazine's December issue.

Once of McLaren's signature projects of 2008, the Battery Park City Ferry Terminal is more than just an engineering marvel. It's one of New York Harbor's most glamorous waterfront facilities. With a jagged cover that caps it, and a glass windscreen that surrounds it, the Terminal is both unique and elegant. That's just what the industry has come to expect from McLaren, however, having already designed over 50 ferry terminals, including the award-winning Port Imperial Terminal in Weehawken, NJ.

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