Orange County Performing Arts Center - Costa Mesa, CA

Opened in September 2006, the Orange County Performing Arts Center houses several performance spaces, including the 1700-seat Segerstrom Concert Hall, a Music Theater, two rehearsal rooms, and supporting facilities.

McLaren was engaged by J.R. Clancy of Syracuse, NY to provide structural and mechanical engineering services for the overhead and surrounding theatrical fit-out, as well as three dimensional pre-visualization modeling and drafting of the acoustic canopies.

A significant feature is the set of three large, curved acoustic canopies that hover elegantly over the stage. These canopy sections, as well as four nearby lighting trusses and a central speaker cluster, are rigged via overhead sheave blocks to large winches in the attic above that allow them to travel vertically in order to adjust the acoustics, to change lighting units and for maintenance. The canopy assemblies consist of tube framing to support the series of curved, silver leaf clad "ribbon" panels which are made from glass-fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG).

McLaren engineered over one hundred large acoustic chamber doors, framed with steel and filled with shotcrete, and operated by custom electric linear actuators. These doors are opened and closed to adjust the acoustics of the concert hall.

McLaren engineered winches and supports for vertically traveling acoustic banners and horizontally traveling curtains that are deployed from a variety of storage positions if needed to augment the acoustic properties of the canopies. McLaren also designed flipper doors for accessing speakers, winches for raising and lowering the central speaker cluster, and theatrical lighting trusses.

In the accessory spaces, McLaren engineered pipe grids and curtain tracks for the Music Theater and large rehearsal room.