MTV’s “Bubble” engineered by McLaren

McLaren Engineering’s latest exciting project can be seen on MTV’s newest reality show. “Band in a Bubble” began airing Thursday May 24th. For 20 days “Cartel,” an up-and-coming band from Georgia, lived inside a 2,000-square-foot transparent bubble on Hudson River Park's Pier 54 in New York City. While in the bubble, the band wrote and recorded their latest album, which they performed live on the pier June 12th.

Designed by TPG Architecture and built by Showmotion, the bubble consists of steel trussing covered with rigid Fiberglass. The structure is equipped with a recording studio, kitchen, dining room, a casual lounge area and a spa-like bathroom, along with a suspended "sleeping bubble."

McLaren engineered the entire “Bubble” structure and its base cribbing. McLaren also evaluated loads on the pier from the bubble and construction equipment.

The four episodes of “Band in a Bubble” aired at 8PM on MTV on May 24, June 2, June 9, and June 12.