McLaren Engineers a Globe for Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City, NJ

The Harrah’s Globe, a mechanized structure located in the Atlantic City Casino.

McLaren Engineering Group was hired by PRG-Scenic Technologies of New Windsor, NY, to engineer a new mechanized sculpture for Harrah’s Atlantic City casino.

This 11-foot diameter free-standing globe is located in the casino lobby. The globe revolves twice a minute about its tilted axis, and is formed with rolled aluminum tubing to represent latitude and longitude. Fiberglass elements containing fiber optics create the shapes of the continents. There is also a large media ring that houses plasma screens, and allows the overall sculpture to meet stringent safety requirements for permitting. The globe revolves on bearings located at the poles, and is powered by an electric motor at the south pole.

As with many such permanent installations, the main concerns during the design and evaluation were patron safety and quality of form and finish. Furthermore, the design considered ease of maintenance of the media and mechanical elements.