Grand Staircase Water Feature - Seminole Hard Rock

Pre-visualization model of the Grand Staircase Water Feature.

McLaren helped create an exciting multi-media feature at the Grand Staircase for the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, Florida.

The Grand Staircase and adjoining visual/entertainment feature includes a cylindrical water curtain running down an acrylic surface that is used as a lighting and projection surface. The cylinder is located under, and integrated into, the stair-landing platform.

McLaren engineers and technical designers played a lead role in melding the interior design concepts with the actual design, introducing audio, visual, and projection consultants and integrating the design process amongst the architects, engineers, general contractors, specialty consultants, and vendors. We developed pre-visualization models and then produced effect coordination drawings and effect structural drawings.

McLaren played an invaluable role as a bridge between the building design professionals and the effect specialty contractors to realize the owner’s vision for a major design feature in the casino.