Kinetic Atrium at Wynn Macau unveiled

A view of the “Atrium,” a complex show-action mechanism now at the Wynn Macau Casino.

McLaren Engineering Group developed the preliminary engineering design of the major effects, and produced a refined technical bid specification the Wynn’s Kinetic Atrium at its hotel & casino in Macau. Subsequently, McLaren completed the engineering design of these systems in conjunction with Show Canada Industries. A McLaren representative was stationed first at the shop in Quebec and then at the site in Macau throughout construction.

The show consists of a large golden tree affixed to a scenery wagon on a turntable and lift, a part of a dome in the floor that opens into six parts to reveal the tree, a sculpted dome ceiling that opens into a 12-section iris, an overhead LED screen that splits into two parts that open, and a massive chandelier that changes shaped vertically with 15,000 crystals with embedded LEDs. The net affect is an atrium that literally changes form to the surprise and delight of the public.