Marine Division

Think of a typical marine structure design project. To arrive at a finished product that meets the client’s preferences, responsible marine engineers must seamlessly integrate a variety of matters into the design. Matters such as tides and waves, vessel characteristics, geotechnical conditions, water conditions, permitting; getting it right requires a special set of skills.

That is why we believe there is no better way to tackle a waterfront project than to offer expertise in all of its facets. With a team featuring design specialists and full-time underwater inspectors, our Marine Division does just that. We offer our clients full engineering services for marine structures, be it an inspection, design, or construction management task – or a combination of all three.

Commercial, recreational, or industrial, our firm is equipped to handle marine projects of any size and scope. Our efficient, manageable approach is supported by decades of engineering experience and augmented by our work with and knowledge of recycled plastics, composites and other new-age materials.

    Marine Services

  • Primary

    Piers & Bulkheads (New and Repair Designs)
    Berthing & Fendering System Design
    Shoreline Stabilization/Seawall Design
    Marina Designs
    Port Planning
    Under and Above Water Inspections
    Waterfront Facility Master Planning
    High- and Low-Level Platform Design
    Docks & Floating Structure Design
    Container Terminal Feasibility Studies/Design
    Gravity and Crib Walls
    Construction Cost Estimates
    Construction Inspection, Support & Management
    Special Inspections

  • Specialized

    Fathometric Surveys
    Local and Regional Planning Studies
    Flood Plain Impact Studies
    Utility Design
    Public Outreach
    Construction Stake-out
    ALTA/ASCM Title Surveys
    FEMA Elevation Certificates