Forensics Division

A structural failure is typically a complex occurrence. Any number of deficiencies or events (and any combination of them) could cause something to fracture, buckle and deform, such as instability, corrosion, creep, wear in materials. These causes also have causes, like improper loading, design errors, high-energy impact, fire, or substandard workmanship. Dissecting such an event, then, can be a tall order.

At McLaren, we believe the most effective way to approach a forensic investigation is to recreate the incident. Employing input from our expert inspection teams, we use state-of-the-art analytical software to reconstruct the conditions, build simulations, and identify the mechanism of failure. Our engineers go beyond filing a report, showing what happened and why using full-motion, real-time video simulation and computer models.

As evidenced by numerous instances where we have provided legal testimony on technical issues, our Forensic Division’s expertise is relied upon to help identify culpability and establish responsibility when a structure fails. This service is essential in today’s world and, as a result, is one of the firm’s fastest growing specialties.

    Forensics Services

  • Expertise

    Building Structures
    Glass and Glazing
    Stage Equipment
    Marine Facilities
    Piers & Wharves
    Ship Allisions
    Retaining Walls
    Structural Failures
    Geotechnical and Soils Engineering
    Site Planning
    Surveying and Boundary Disputes
    Timber Structures
    Prestressed Concrete
    Precast Concrete
    Ships and Cruise Terminals

  • Specialized Services

    Expert Witness Testimony
    Litigation Support
    Accident Reconstruction
    Industrial Accident Analysis
    Laboratory Analysis
    Non-Destructive Testing
    Code Compliance
    Construction Claims
    Forensic Metallurgy