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McLaren Engineers DreamWorks Animation - Turbo Latest Racetrack

Snail Turbo Race.JPG

McLaren worked vigorously on Turbo’s latest 220 foot vertical racetrack, for his race featuring Ryan Reynolds on the Today show. In very a short time frame, McLaren designed the rigging and support structure for this human size snail race, up NBC’s 10 Rockefeller Plaza. Given the historic nature of the building’s delicate limestone façade, the design could not anchor directly to the building face.

McLaren Engineered Life-Size Cape Cod Style Dollhouse

Target Threshold Dollhouse.jpg

McLaren engineered Target’s life-size cape cod-style dollhouse, built to present Target’s Threshold housewares collection under one roof. “The Threshold Dollhouse” was on exhibit in Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall May 6th and 7th.

McLaren engineered the 1,600-square-foot modular structural assembly for the scenic contractor, Showman Fabricators. McLaren made sure the dollhouse structure was sufficiently strong and stable to serve as a showcase for merchandise that was open to the public, while ensuring that the assembly did not overload the existing Vanderbilt Hall floor.

David Blaine Electrified: One Million Volts Always On

McLaren Engineering Group (McLaren) helped David Blaine with his latest feat of magic and endurance.

Pier 54 in downtown New York City hosted “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On”. The event featured David standing for 72 hours in the center of 1 million volts of electrical energy via seven Tesla Coils set to music. McLaren performed an analysis on various features for the event, as well as for the historic pier itself; working in association with Vice Media, the Guild, and StageCo.

McLaren worked to:

Newest Trend in Sports Lighting at Barclays Center Arena

Barclays (2).jpg

McLaren works on Brooklyn’s brand new Barclays Center Arena, which features the newest trend in sports lighting. The Portable Court Lighting System (PCLS) aims to provide a more theatrical experience for the Brooklyn Nets. McLaren Engineering Group (McLaren) developed the rigging system, specialty mounting attachments, personnel access, and fall protection; working with Goldstick Lighting Design and Baxter Controls.

NATEAC is Coming!

McLaren Engineering Group is proud to be a sponsor for the 2012 North American Theater Engineering and Architecture Conference (NATEAC) being held July 22nd to the 23rd in New York City. The conference will offer more than 50 panelists speaking at 18 sessions. Topics will range from current automation technology, to the design of stage lifts, and a discussion of what the type of performance venues we will need over the next 20 years.