Our Divisions

For most firms, departments are simply engineers grouped together by their discipline and expertise. At McLaren, our Divisions stand for more than that. They represent who we are and why we are different. They are a defining trait, a statement of our versatility and a reminder of the resourcefulness we offer to our clients. Separate yet integrated, our Divisions enable us to tackle projects that involve one, two, or many disciplines, while also generating advanced technical solutions more quickly than we otherwise could.

Our Divisions are not boundaries, however. As shown by our extensive corporate résumé, projects do not have to be of a particular type or scope. Rather, projects can mix and match dozens of engineering services – and present varying size, shape, material, and age challenges - and our experts from each Division will meld their skills to provide seamless solutions.

  • Structures Division

    Sensitivity to architecture and aesthetics is key for a structural engineer in today’s world. Businesses, housing companies, schools, even churches recognize that a distinguishing feature, trait or style often separates remarkable structures...Read More

  • Marine Division

    Think of a typical marine structure design project. To arrive at a finished product that meets the client’s preferences, responsible marine engineers must seamlessly integrate a variety of matters into the design.Read More

  • Bridge, Highway & Rail Division

    Getting from A to B requires a means at which to do so. Traveling by car is about as mainstream as it gets – though without roads, highways, tunnels, and bridges, we wouldn’t get very far. By train? Beyond the obvious need for rails, the same applies.Read More

  • Forensics Division

    A structural failure is typically a complex occurrence. Any number of deficiencies or events (and any combination of them) could cause something to fracture, buckle and deform, such as instability, corrosion, creep, wear in materials.Read More

  • Entertainment Division

    As the entertainment industry evolves, our Entertainment Division follows suit in taking the ideas and concepts of our clients and making them a reality. This process challenges our engineers and designers to push technical limits without...Read More

  • Waterborne Transportation Division

    Ferry operations have expanded at a tremendous rate over the past two decades, both in the United States and abroad. Increased ferry activity in America can be attributed to its recognized value as a commuter option, as well as its use for commerce...Read More

  • Site & Civil Division

    As generations change, so too do land use preferences. One new trend: incorporate a site’s natural landscape into the layout. Modern mixed-use facilities, such as Maxwell House Center in Hoboken, NJ is a prime example...Read More

  • Surveying Division

    Surveying plays a central role in the planning of any type of site or structure. In its various forms, surveying determines distance and elevations, identifies angles and directions, and establishes boundaries. To engineers, the information obtained...Read More