Bridge, Highway & Rail Division

Getting from A to B requires a means at which to do so. Traveling by car is about as mainstream as it gets – though without roads, highways, tunnels, and bridges, we wouldn’t get very far. By train? Beyond the obvious need for rails, the same applies. Walk? That is fine, but most people can’t leap over streams more than a few feet wide. Bridges are necessary here, too.

Transportation relies on bridges, highways, and rails, and McLaren has long served the needs of public and private clients with efficiency and technical expertise. With experience in above and underwater inspections, report preparation, load rating and structural analysis, and design, we help preserve humanity’s basic need to travel.

Equipped with underwater bridge inspectors, rope-access inspectors, and a design team that features expertise in all facets of bridge engineering, McLaren’s Bridge Division is able to meet any project challenge, while optimizing the use of available funds. And, as important, we understand the unique demands of certain projects – like minimizing interruptions to railroad operations, or maintaining and protecting traffic during construction.

    Bridge, Highway & Rail Services

  • Primary

    Railroad Bridge Design
    Highway Bridge Design
    Inspections: Above and Below Water
    Load Rating Analysis
    Bridge Repair, Rehabilitation and Safety Recommendations
    Bridge Replacements & Upgrade Design
    Culvert Inventory & Inspection
    Tunnel Design & Repair
    Roadway Design & Repair
    Constructability Reviews
    Environmental Reports
    Drainage Studies
    Construction Cost Estimates
    Construction Inspection, Support & Management

  • Specialized

    Pedestrian Bridge Design
    Application of Innovative Materials
    Public Outreach
    Maintenance & Protection of Traffic
    Traffic Study Analysis
    Accident Data Review
    Transmission Tower Assessments